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A “Smart Jacket” Which Can Control Your Touch-Screen Technology

Have you thought about your denim or leather jacket getting tech-laden? Doubtful! Right! “But what can you say?” when the world is getting tech-savvy. Think of your jacket making an interaction with you; surprising isn’t it? This is what innovative inventions can provide you with. So all you people keep a check on your bank balance because you have a number of wearable technologies hitting the market sooner or later.

A “Smart Jacket” Which Can Control Your Touch-Screen Technology

At present, Levi’s and Google have come together to develop a smart jacket in the very 21st century. This upgraded version of the denim jacket is a part of the Levi’s connected clothing line project known as “Project Jacquard.” Since June 2015 the project is in progress and supposed to hit the market later this layer. The jacket, named as “Commuter Jacket”, has almost about 15 conductive threads woven in that helps it track gestures as well help connect via Bluetooth to the smartphones. The woven-in technology is washable, just as any standard jackets, but only when the Bluetooth cuff is removed from the garment. The garment has conductive fabric or cuff at the wrist which acts as the control panel and helps control the direction, music playlist, and attend incoming calls as well. The batteries provided in the jacket can last for about two days. This upgraded wearable is ought to help build a strong interactive relation between the smartphone and a garment.

The smart jacket is an invention which looks just like any standard denim jacket. According to Levi’s, this jacket housed with touch-screen tech is going to attract a lot of crowd the moment it becomes commercial, be it based on its looks or technology.

So all you long drive lovers, dust off the dirt from your bikes and keep a tight hold on your cash for the Commuter jacket is all set to become commercial.

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