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Download Torrents Using IDM

Each and every one of us is familiar with torrents as well as Internet Download Manger (IDM). Well, we all know what the torrents are used for. Right? Torrents are used to download heavy files such as softwares and movies. On the other hand, IDM is used for downloading videos and other stuff in real time from any website. Both of them are very important to a person if he/she is addicted to Internet.

Download Torrents Using IDM

Today we will teach you how to download torrents using IDM. This can be useful when the magnet links of the torrents are not working or if the torrent client application does not give you the desired speed. Follow the steps below.

  1. Initially, download the torrent file. This file can be recognized by seeing its extension. Normally it has “.torrent” extension. This file can be directly downloaded from the web and it does not require any torrent client software such as utorrent.
  2. Navigate to zbigz.com.
  3. Tap on upload Torrent. Browse to the location of your torrent. Once you have selected the torrent file, tap on Go to transfer.
  4. Once you tap on Go, it will ask you for Premium or Free service. Select Free to continue further.
  5. Once you click on Free, it will take a few seconds to process the request. Once the processing is done, tap on Transfer to download the file.
  6. To start the download inside IDM, you must have IDM installed on your PC. If you don’t have IDM, there is no need to worry. The downloading will take place in the browser.

So friends, now you know that there is no need of the torrent client applications to download files from torrents. You can download it directly without these third party software. So start downloading your stuff and let us know if this trick was helpful or not.

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