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Some amazing facts about mother that shouldn’t be missed

Mother is an angel on the planet gifted to everyone of them in some or the other face of a human. And frankly speaking, these motherly angels are beautiful, elegant, trustworthy, honest and open hearted. But excluding these kind qualities of the mother there are some real amazing facts that you really need to know. There are approximately 2 Billion ...

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Chevrolet starts on-field activities to #Protect Your Precious on roads

Road safety has been a serious concern in India. Looking at the figures of accidents that occur every minute in India, Chevrolet India has taken a social initiative that focuses on ‘Drive with Care—Protect your precious campaign’. The campaign will lead to on-field activities to create awareness among the people. The campaigns will involve deployment of ninjas that will create ...

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Tesla vroom up the electric car market by delivering 25,000 EV in 1Q

The future of the cars will either be based on its automation capabilities and electric power distribution. It will be like choosing a phone from smartphone and normal keypad cells; of course, it’s going to be a smartphone. Consumers are more inclined towards adopting the latest technology where the cost isn’t that prioritized. Tesla, the ruler of the electric revolution ...

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A diamond painted car by Roll Royce revealed at 2017 Geneva Motor Show

We all have seen various kinds of lavishly decorated cars that are gold plated and studded with diamonds. But have you ever heard that powdered diamond paint applied on the vehicle? Obviously not, as the royalty in automobiles is majorly delivered by Rolls-Royce. The name itself drips royalty and copiousness. We are on the edge of the major technological advancement, ...

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