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After successful womb transplantation in Sweden, UK also joins in the list

“Doctors are regarded as gods on earth”. This old statement again proved to be true, when a team of tremendous Swedish doctors successfully transplanted uterus in nine Swedish women. These women were either born with womb or got it removed because of one or the other reason. After the great success in Sweden, this miraculous trial is going to take ...

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Secret behind blue whales’ enormous size revealed by researchers

Balaenopetra musculus or what we fondly call Blue Whales are the largest existing mammal on earth or probably the largest that has ever existed. This ninety eight feet long giant, which is 180-200 tones heavy, belongs to Baleen whales (mysticeti). There are around three subspecies of blue whales, whose diet consists of small crustaceans called Krill. Tiny krill resembles to ...

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iPhone 6s: User faces issue after Restoring Old Data from Android Device

It’s true that a lot of iOS users are reporting battery issues after upgrading to iOS 9.0.1. The theories about how the issues are taking place in an iOS device are not yet confirmed by Apple, so we cannot really arrive at conclusions. Now, the iPhone users face different issues that pertain to the volume control after the upgrade. It ...

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CUNY biologists discover a turtle that glows (+video)

There is no doubt of the biological diversity that the nature holds, but not a lot of individuals would have expected to come across a turtle that actually glows. According to the reports, a team of biologists has discovered a special species of Hawkbill turtles. The Hawkbill turtle was seen emitting a different kind of lights as the biologists discovered ...

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11 killed in US military transport plane crash in Afghanistan

11 people on board unexpectedly met with their deaths when a U.S. Military transport plane C-130 stroked the airfield in Afghanistan after midnight on Friday. Tajwar Khan, 58, a caretaker near the base witnessed a massive explosion and saw huge fire, Khan mentioned that the blaze raged for several hours. According to some leading newspaper the crash came hours after ...

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