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Vicky is a digital marketing executive who specializes in technology. He combines his experience in forthcoming technology research. His intension is to create updated website with all modern technology, and modern devices.

Dutch trains will be 100% powered by wind-generated energy

Going green by energy consumption has become vital goal for all the nations. Many countries have achieved the goal and some are making progress towards it. There are many methods innovated to utilize the green energy in a productive way. All Dutch trains are running on wind-generated energy right from the start of the year. The Netherlands previously declared about ...

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Airport soon will be equipped with lie detecting system in future

Millions of people travel through airways around the world. Many of them travel for trips, businesses, on personal occasions, and the travelling crowd includes some smugglers, criminals, and terrorist as well. As an effort to increase the security checks and to avoid the illegal breaches through the airport, a newly developed concept is introduced that is backed with artificial and ...

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You may soon be able to pay with your Aadhaar card

The demonetization effect now seems to be fading. Queues before ATM have been shortened lately. People are getting used to the online payment method. This is, indeed, good news. Well, we do have better news for you. Imagine a scenario where you buy goods and make the payment just by punching your Aadhaar card, using your fingerprint for identification and ...

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How to access ‘hidden’ TV shows and movies on Netflix

If you are a typical Netflix fan then you would be totally aware of how vast is the service it provides. All the videos are systematically categorized into various sections such as documentaries, comedies, drama, sci-fi and others. But these are not the only categories. There is huge number of categories, which are not difficult to find. Yes, you heard ...

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