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New Nano-Tubes to Drive the Future of Processors: IBM

New Nano-Tubes to Drive the Future of Processors

Processors used in smart phones drives large number of data centers and it’s fabricated with the help of silicon. Silicon material is for creating the building blocks of these chips. The transistor, the sub-components used to design all of the complex circuitry. Over the past several decades, scientists have been working at finding ways to reduce the size of these ...

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Global Mobile Advertising Market 2015 expected to reach $99.89 billion by 2022

Global Mobile Advertising Market 2015

The Global Mobile Advertising Market is valued at $15.33 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 26.40 % to reach $99.89 billion by 2022. Uptake in smart phones and tablets, as well as the fusion of consumer behaviors on computers and mobile devices are the major factors favoring the market whereas heavy investment in new ...

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Amazon.com Inc bans sale of Apple TV, Chromecast and Nexus Player

Amazon.com Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) has probably taken the rivalry to a complete new level as the e-commerce giant has decided that it will not sell Apple TV, Nexus Player and Google’s Chromecast from now on. In fact, the company will also not allow its partners to sell any of the above mentioned products as well. The decision has surprised a certain ...

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New Stagefright bugs lets hackers gain access to your device remotely

It was back in the month of July, a bug was found in Android’s media playback system, Stagefright. Later, Google updated a patch for the vulnerability. The vulnerability only needed a specially crafted text message to be sent to the victim’s device, allowing the hacker to remotely execute any code. The vulnerability had left approximately a billion devices prone to ...

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Twitter to name Jack Dorsey as permanent CEO, says report

Technology new website Re/code reported that Twitter Inc. co-founder and interim chief executive Jack Dorsey is likely to be named as permanent CEO as soon as Thursday. Dorsey would also keep his job as the head of online payment service, Square. However, questions remain if Dorsey could manage both the companies at the same time, and if it could create ...

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Ad-Free YouTube subscription service to be launched in October

According to a report from Re/code, YouTube is set to launch ad-free YouTube subscriptions in October. The move has been long-proposed, speculated, and it remains to be seen if the subscription will increase revenue for content creators over traditional advertising. Content owners have started to receive emails from YouTube, which mentions that videos will no longer be available for “public ...

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Priv, new Android slider phone by BlackBerry; BB10 version of Priv coming?

Blackberry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY) has finally announced its much anticipated flagship Android phone. Named Priv, the new phone will be the company’s first Android smartphone. This is the same phone that has been rumored as Blackberry Venice. While the company hasn’t revealed any details about the hardware or pricing of the device yet, the phone is expected to hit all the ...

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