Obama US president and Ban Ki-moon, UN chief toast for last time


United Nations: It was great moment when US president and secretary-general were longing with humor and honor toasting each other last time before world’s leaders.

The presidents, prime ministers and sovereign have been invited for the UN General Assembly meeting; it is such humorous formal lunch organized by the UN chief every year.

The US president act as host on behalf of the countries leader every year, but Tuesday’s lunch was unique Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said.

This is first time ever a president of the United States and a secretary-general of the United Nations have completed their term at the same time with gap of 20 days.

Ban looked towards Barack Obama, he was sitting at few distance at head table, and said, “Mr President, we need to find something to do!”

Obama served for eight years, he leaves White House on 20 January while the secretary-general have finished his second term for five-year ended on 31 December.

Ban said, “I am giving you a challenge of golf, but tornado globe-trotting doesn’t gave him more time to play but he said I am weak in basketball.” Obama, is a great golfer and avid basketball player.

Ban was continuously refusing to revel whether he will take charge of president of South Korea, where he was foreign minister before taking control of the United Nations.

More than 200 VIP’s have sitting of the round table in the UN Delegates, they were sprawling New York’s East River and they weren’t among grateful for Ban’s leadership.

The president said, small town in the island of Samoa confirm him prince and officially crown him its big title can go with life and has no limit.

Obama has given a special tribute to UN peacekeepers and staff and to those who has given their life in assisting to Syria and he complimented to Ban’s courage, optimism, leadership and imagination.

The president overwhelmed for toast and express thanks secretary-general’s service saying “the world is a better place for him.”

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