Apple iPhone 8 May Come With Curved OLED Display

Apple is said to launch its next phone in the flagship—iPhone 8, in LCD and OLED versions. The phones are all set for launch next year. Out of these, the OLED models are said to have a curved display. In a thought how will curved display work and perform? Technology has reached very far fellas… Everything is possible.

Although the phones are said to have a curved display, they may or may not have the function to get activate or response when the users touch any part of the phone.

The next-year version of iPhone is said to have a new addition to the colors—red. It will represent the same design as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

Apart from the traditional 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch version, the company is said to launch a 3rd new version that will be more associated with more price than iPhone 7 and will come in two variants—5.1-inch and 5.2-inch—with OLED screen. The version is said to have invisible home button along with wireless charging.

Apple is said to follow its tradition and is likely to launch the new smartphone as iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus. It is said to follow its “s tradition”.

Well, it is still not sure if the rumors are true or not. The company has not revealed any single information on the new smartphone. Are you excited for the new phone? If yes, write us what you expect more from the phone. It can be anything. Do let us know your thoughts as well. We are also eager to the same extent as you are for this new iPhone.

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