Feature phones more popular than smartphones in India

In the world of smartphones, the Indian market is leading the race. Many smartphones are launched on daily basis. These include low-range to high-range smartphones with extraordinary features. These handsets are capable of replacing any gadgets due to their features. One of the gadgets that these smartphones have replaced is the old and traditional feature phones. But this does not seem to be the case in India. Let us have a look.

The old feature phones are still more popular than smartphones in India. The reason is their long lasting battery and durability. The battery for these feature phones lasts for almost a week without charging. This is the main reason as to why the smartphones, whose battery lasts almost for a day, are not so popular among most of the Indians. Similarly, the durability of these smartphone is way too high. These smartphones are strong enough to withstand a great fall, unlike the smartphones. This is another reason as to why the features phones are preferred over smartphones in India.

The current situation shows that there is a large amount of population that uses a feature phone along with smartphones. These people use their primary cell phone number on the feature phone. According to a survey, almost 68% of people use their primary mobile number with feature phones.

In short, it is not the situation that smartphones are not preferred in India. The thing is—Indians have a tendency to get attracted to long lasting and quality products. These needs are satisfied by the feature smartphones and hence they are still in use in India. Do you agree with the current scenario?

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