A wearable voice recorder that can help you translate

Generally, translation when on a foreign tour is a huge problem faced by among the masses. Therefore, to make your life easier the researchers have developed a wearable voice recorder called “Senstone.” Don’t judge the device by its tiny structure. The device can help you translate languages and also keep a track of your dos or don’ts, notes, ideas, and to-do list.

The tiny wearable device records the voice memos, uploads them on an app and lastly transcribes them for you in an instance. Senstone has a start and stop button that helps you record a voice memo. It can be connected to a phone via Bluetooth and sync with an app too. It can work when offline and store the voice memos in the app for translating later. The device can transcribe your notes automatically which in short saves your time of writing, labeling, and recording. It can translate about 11 different languages.

The device helps you keep a track of your daily chores along with the translation function. It’s kind of a low-endeavor device. It reduces your work by not giving a chance to take out your phone or note to write on. Senstone is “a knight in a shining armor” for the non-linguistic public.

It’s handy, affordable, and an additional advantage for the people who like to brainstorm. This tiny wearable device is going to hit the market like a storm in the coming months. So here we are to keep you updated about the Senstone.

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