Reflex: A Smart Wearable by Fastrack

Reflex: A Smart Wearable by Fastrack

Fastrack, which is specifically known for its trendy, youth-driven creations, is making its entrance into the segment of smart wearables. The company asserts it has a broad array of appealing features. As per the company, the recent smart wearable by Fastrack named ‘Reflex’ would enable the millennial to reveal their zeal while accessorizing.

Reflex: A Smart Wearable by Fastrack

Few of the specifications of the band consist of showing texts and incoming call notifications, allows the wearer to keep a record of their activity, consumed amount of calories, and a memory storage that stays for 15 days to capture exercise data. Apart from this, the wearable also assists to a record of sleep patterns and is set with a sedentary reminder that informs the users if they remain inactive for extended intervals.

Fastrack’s Head of Marketing, Ayushman Chiranewala, at the launch said, “With the making of sensors, fitness trackers, and smart watches, we aimed to make a wearable device for the young generation that can aid them to get healthier by recording their body statistics and encouraging them to attain their fitness objectives. At Fastrack, we have constantly attempted to meet the continually altering requirements of the youth with contributions that intend to accomplish their increasing aims, where being health conscious is one of the aspects. Fastrack, with Reflex, aspires to fulfill the requirements of versatile, new-generation millennial who want a step further in the mixture of smart features and quirky design.”

Further, the Head of Design and Technology, Somprabh Singh, explained, “Selling at just Rs 1995, the smart wearable has a battery life of 14 days and do not need an external charger as the wearable itself functions as a USB and can be charged in 60 minutes. The Reflex will have usual software updates that will assist in improving the overall customer experience.”

The Reflex will be soon available in stores in three exclusive pantone colors, including distinctive black, chic purple, and dazzling blue. The Reflex wearable is compatible with Android as well as iOS.

So, when are you grabbing your Fastrack’s Reflex?

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