Paytm Canada app lets users pay Indian and Canadian bills

Paytm Canada app lets users pay Indian and Canadian bills

Nowadays Paytm app is something you’ll find in everyone’s smartphone. It is an easy mode of cashless payment by just downloading the app. Paytm app has flourished even more vastly after the demonetization phase in India. Today all that the shopkeepers ask you is whether you would like to pay through the Paytm app or cash. For now, Paytm has spread its wings all over the world; looks like as the app was spotted on the App store apart from India.

Paytm Canada app lets users pay Indian and Canadian bills

Paytm has declared on an official basis that it is now crossed the Indian border and entered Canada. The Paytm Canada app is now available for the smartphones having Android and iOS in them. The app can be downloaded via App Store and Google Play by just a finger tap. It is going to be made available to all the users in Canada just like in India. The new app launch isn’t much of a surprise as its lab is already located in Toronto.

By crossing the Indian border, Paytm has proved that it is trying to go global. This Paytm Canada app will let the users pay their cell phone, Internet, cable, water, and electricity bills as well as also help the users pay shopping bills. Most importantly the app also provides a feature to pay property taxes or insurances.

The biggest bonanza for the users is that the app has two categories such as Canadian bill payment and Indian bill payment. The Indian bill payments can be cleared using Canadian credit cards. Don’t you think this is an amazing feature? It is surprising to have an app which can let you pay bills across the Indian border.

But there is a huge difference in the bill processing time between the two nations, for instance, the bill payment in Canada through the app takes about 24–48 Hours of processing whereas the processing of the India bill payments takes about only 2–3 Hours. The app has bill reminder feature built in it that reminds the user about the bill payment 10 days prior to the last date. Also, the app provides 100% service safety assurance making it reliable. The money is deducted only after the bill is paid.

Paytm still plans to branch out into a number of other regions as well in the near future.

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