Tape-to-MP3 converter to bring the cassette renaissance back

People of today’s era aren’t much aware about cassette tapes. When we are told about storing sound recording on either of the sides and that it can run for about 30–40 Minutes depending on the recorded sounds all we do is just look at our hi-end smartphones. iPhone lovers just laugh aloud thinking about the use of cassettes in this era.

But when we actually listen to some of the earlier songs we are just mesmerized by the sound quality and the type of music. And finding these songs online that to with good quality is not impossible. So how can you listen to these melodious songs now? Think! What if the original sound recordings in these old cassettes are converted into MP3 files? Wouldn’t it be easy as well as amazing? So here’s where the technology uses an Audacity program to convert the audio cassette into MP3 files.

In this technology altogether a different course is used. The recording of the sounds present on one side is done using an Audacity program, a free, open source program. The program is currently available on Linux, PC, and Mac. Then, after the recording is done there is a proper division and batch export of the tracks by using a single command. The iTunes or any preferred encoder are then whisked into the records in order to back up the files into a CDR, converted into MP3, and followed by bulk-edit ID3 file info.

Though it may sound fun but it is actually tedious. However, the end result is thorough, free, faster, and cost effective when compared to the other methods available nowadays. If you are interested in getting the cassettes back to life from the dead then this is it. The “2-in-1 Audio Cassette to MP3 Converter,” a USB converter, is something that can prove to be helpful. This USB converter can connect to your PC or Mac with great ease and carry out the further conversion process. All you got to do is press the play button and you don’t even need to reverse the cassette as the autoreverse feature is provided in the device. Thus, the capturing of the entire cassette in a single go is possible that to within minutes.

Guys… there is a bonanza, the technology that actually costs $69.95 can now be yours at $43.95 after almost a 37% discount. You don’t want to be missing it.

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