The First Ever US-spec Lamborghini Centenario Seen In Newport Beach

An extremely happy customer received the delivery of Lamborghini—a rare, spectacular, astonishing beast—in California. Lamborghini Newport Beach was the place where the first ever U.S-spec Lamborghini Centenario was seen recently on the shores.

Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.—an Italian automaker—has planned to bring up only 40 units in total, along with the number distributed as 20 for coupes and 20 for roadsters. The USA Numero uno was seen here. It has a finished bare carbon-fiber body, which is featured with trim blue bits, and this results in a stunning beast. Actually, the blue trim enhances the overall look of the car as compard to the yellow—the same that was shown last year at the Geneva motor show.

Obviously, in the same way, the performance and the power of this devil-look machine are astonishing. Just prior to the rear axle lies comfortably a V-12 engine of 6.5-liter. In a similar way to that of the engine, beneath the skin of Aventador—or even the Aventador SV—the Centenario engine is found re-worked to twist even extra power. Owing to the revised engine limiter, re-engineered intake manifold, and also new mufflers, the beast Centenario thunders 508 pound-feet of torque and 759 horsepower.

Shifting is through paddles, which set off a dual-clutch 7-speed transmission. The newbies jumping on this devil and clicking through the gears will surely be able to go sky-high from a standstill in just 2.8 seconds to 62 mph. The highest speed is 217 mph. This astounding monster is having a price tag of nearly $2 Million. Wait…let me complete. This price is just for the coupe. If you wish for the roadster, you will have to spend a more of your bucks. Both cost far more than some $400K for an Aventador SV.

Wishing to own this beast? Sorry fellas… You are too late. All of the Centenarios are sold.

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