Wireless Earbuds Dash Pro: An Upgrade to Original Dash by Bragi

Wireless Earbuds Dash Pro: An Upgrade to Original Dash by Bragi

There is no end to the field of technology and the up-gradation to several devices continues offering a better experience to the users. Recently, the headphone manufacturer, Bragi, has introduced a new edition of its high-end Dash earbuds, the Dash Pro. Even though it is functionally similar to its precursor, it has been reengineered to repair the major issues faced by original Dash. This in-ear, wireless device will be backed with a new operating system. It will be offering few new features such as AI built right into the earpieces, a hands-free gestural menu system, and instantaneous face-to-face translation. These existing users of Bragi Dash, in order to get these features, can upgrade to BOS3.

Wireless Earbuds Dash Pro: An Upgrade to Original Dash by Bragi

The new Dash PRO will provide the user with a battery life of 5 hours. It consists of pass-through active audio transparency, new foam tips for enhanced sound isolation apart from the FitSleeves of Bragi, and a new codec to further assist in reducing the background white noise. A set of 27 sensors and an inbuilt 32-bit processor aid the powering of the onboard computing tasks.

Dash PRO now supports the iTranslate app that can help the user to in reality translate speech instantly with the use of their headphones. iTranslate functions with 40 languages, however, the users need to download the iTranslate Pro app on their iOS device. The owners of Dash Pro can avail the benefit of a free 30-day trial to see if it is magical enough to carry on paying for the services of iTranslate.

Apart from this, the new 4D menu system enables the users to control the original Dash as well as Dash PRO by just moving their head if their hands are engaged in another task. Sound interesting, isn’t it?

Other new characteristics to be offered to Dash devices through the software update consist of simplified touch UI, one-touch Bluetooth connections, offline storage of workout tracking, and automatic tracking of fitness activities. The Dash devices are available for sale via the website of Bragi.

So, what is your opinion about the upgrade version of Dash by Bragi?

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