Syrian Army assigns forces to redeploy Aleppo


Beirut: On Sunday, in Aleppo Syrian government forces assign to avoid being surrounded in neighborhoods. Agitator alliance said, it has launched a battle to summon up whole city after breaking a three-week government blockade.

Alliance of agitator and jihadists Said, it will double the number of fighter for the next battle.

The group said in a statement, after continue fighting we will start for new phase to liberate all of Aleppo.

“We will not rest until we raise the flag of the defeat over Aleppo’s citadel,” it added.

On Saturday, The group fighters gush through government territory, by breaking government blockade and opening a new route into the northern city’s surround eastern neighborhoods, home to an estimated 2,50,000 people.

Movement stimulates celebrations in eastern districts while, brings fears in regime-controlled western areas of the divided city of food and fuel shortages.

Head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdel Rahman said it is most significant setbacks for government forces since the conflict explode in March 2011.

He added however more than 600 government forces not able to hold on their position.

Ally Moscow has provided support to loyal President Bashar al-Assad since last September.

Official media deprived of broken blockade but admitted that, agitator forces were defensive, , reporting new air raids on Sunday added that pro-government areas were facing shortage with several damage.

On Sunday, State television said “Our forces have assigned after facing attack of thousands of armed force, and along with this army has found a new way to provide food and gas in.”

Official of SANA, news agency quoted a military source as saying that “the air force conducted 21 foray and struck the terrorists 86 times in south and west Aleppo in the last 12 hours”.

An AFP correspondent cleared that air raids bombarded rebel-held areas of Aleppo, while attack were carried out by Russian and Syrian aircraft Britain-based Observatory saying.

The Observatory said, intermittent clashes on southern boundaries continue where, agitator occupies buildings in a military academy on Saturday.

Food trucks enter Aleppo

On Saturday, Insurgent units pushed northeast into the Ramussa district where they linked up with other insurgents who had fought from inside the city.

A Video footage shows fighters on Sunday evacuating a small group of civilians, mostly women and children, from Ramussa, seen by AFP.

An opposition fighter said, Agitator brought seven trucks of fruits and vegetables into the eastern sector of Aleppo, which had been under government blockade since 17 July.

Abdel Rahman from Observatory said, route into eastern districts was open only to fighters and was still not secure enough to evacuate civilians from the area.

The mutineer puts estimated about 1.2 million people in government-held districts under opposition hold.

AFP told, the western districts of Aleppo are now besieged, but no any route is safe to go in or out for civilians in government-held districts.

Preparing for siege

Families in western neighborhoods stocked food and water supply but complained about the rising cost of basic supplies.

A 48-year-old mother of three, Walaa Hariri from the Furqan district said, after the road was cut prices of the loaf and bread suddenly rises from 200 to 800 Syrian pounds.

She said, students are nervous because teachers replaced their regular lessons with courses on what to do if there is gunfire.

37 year old man said, “faith in the army, but I can’t help being scared”.

“Food is already getting more expensive and the coming days risk being very difficult,” he added.

The battle for Aleppo has raged since mid-2012, Syria’s disordered multi-front war, which has killed more than 2,80,000 people since it erupted five years ago.

On Sunday, Pope Francis condemns, “unacceptable” number of civilian victims and children killed in the conflict in Aleppo.

Since the opposition alliance launched its offensive on southern Aleppo on 31 July at least 130 civilians and hundreds of fighters from both sides have been killed, said the Observatory.

On Monday, the UN Security Council is due to hold an informal meeting at 1400 GMT on the Aleppo crisis.

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