Former diplomat: Balochistan is Pakistan’s most unrest region


WASHINGTON: Balochistan is Pakistan’s is most complex and restless region are not under control of government, said former Pakistani diplomat.

Husain Haqqani, former Pakistan Ambassador to the US said in an interview to The Atlantic magazine, “Balochistan is Pakistan’s most complex region and try to sort their problems. It is not a mistake of Pakistani military, or the corruption of civilians in power, or the nationalists, or the presence of the Taliban. It is all those things,”

Haqqani said, no any region of Balochistan is not necessarily controlled by Pakistan’s central government. The ethnic Baloch areas have a greater sympathy for nationalists who would like to see either an independent or autonomous Balochistan.

“The army tries to suppress them, sometimes with the help of religious extremists,” he added.

“He said, elected government in the region did not get significant command because the Baloch parties boycotted the last election and many people were elected with low numbers 10, 12, in some places 15 per cent. So these political leaders are seen by the majority of Baloch as the pawn of Islamabad,”

Queried on freedom movement in Balochistan Haqqani said, this goes back to the country’s conception, when the Muslim majority part of India left and became Pakistan.

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