Global Graphene Electronics Market 2016: Industry Demand, Segment, Statistics and Research to 2022

Graphene Electronics
Graphene Electronics

Graphene has emerged as a conducting material that can replace conventional electrode materials such as Indium tin oxide. The global grapheme market was valued at approx. $9.1 million in 2012. High heat and electricity conductivity are key features driving the market as it brings possibility to integrate it with various applications in the electronic industry. Graphene can be used as an electrode material in solar chips, RFID, transistors, integrated chips and solar packaging.

High investment would however deter the growth of graphene electronics market and resist new entrants from entering the market. Furthermore, this would also lead to high price of graphene integrated components used in electronic devices. However, ongoing research seems to promise a decline in price of graphene. This report offers in-depth analysis of the global graphene electronics market that would assist stakeholders to take strategic business decisions to sustain and grow in the industry.

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Key companies profiled in this report include BASF SE, Crayonano AS, Grafoid, Inc., Graftech International Ltd., Grafen Chemical Industries Co. Ltd., Graphene Frontiers Llc.,

Graphene Platform Inc., Graphenea, Graphene Square, Inc., Graphene Tecnologies and IBM Corporation.


• The report provides in-depth analysis of the current market scenario and offers expected future trends that would assist stakeholders in taking strategic and actionable decisions
• Quantitative analysis of the current graphene electronics market and estimations through 2013-2020
• Analysis of the market factors in various geographic regions that would help understand business opportunities
• Identification of key investment pockets for various applications, services and geographies
• Identification of key stakeholders in the market and analysis of their business strategies
• Identification of new opportunities for graphene to be implemented in electronics industry
• Impact analysis of the factors affecting the global graphene electronics market
• Analysis and evaluation of market trends to provide deep-dive intelligence into every market segment
• Competitive analysis to effectively plan and execute business plan
• Micro level analysis based on application, service and geography

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• Graphene Market, By Materials
• Photo-Voltaic Graphene Materials
• Graphene Nano-Technology Materials
• Structured Materials
• Electronic Materials
• Nanotechnology Materials
• Electric & Conducting Materials
• Photovoltaic Materials
• Other Materials
• Graphene Market, By Devices
• Graphene Transistors
• Graphene Supercapacitors
• Graphene Sensors
• Graphene Ics & Chips
• Other Devices Based on Graphene Electrodes
• Lenses
• Spintronics Based Graphene Devices
• Pseudo Spintronics
• Other Devices
• Graphene Market, By Electronic Products
• Computing & Consumer Electronic Products
• Memory & Storage Products
• Display & Touch Products


• Computing Application
• Data Storage Application
• Consumer Application
• Communication Application
• Thermal Management Application
• Solar, PV And Green Technology Application
• Sensing Application Sector
• Display & Touch Application
• Other Applications


• North America
• Asia Pacific
• Europe
• RoW


• Electronic equipment manufacturers
• Manufacturers of electronic display devices
• Telecommunication firms
• Data storage facility providers
• Solar panel manufacturers
• Consumer application manufacturers

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