Blackberry stops designing its own phones


Blackberry is to stop designing smartphones after a legacy of 14 years. Once a market leader, the company has struggled to keep pace with modern handsets produced by rivals such as Apple and Samsung.

The company said it sold about 400,000 smartphones in its second quarter – fewer than the previous three months.
Mr. Chen, CEO of the company, has informed about the future of Blackberry’s handset business, saying he would consider closing the division if it could not become profitable.

In October 2015, Blackberry changed the direction of its handset business by producing its first smartphone running Google’s Android operating system, rather than its own BB10 software.

However, Mr Chen has admitted the device, which featured a slide-out physical keyboard, was too expensive to appeal to a mass market.

The company has since launched a less expensive touch screen-only Android handset, based on a phone released by Alcatel owner TCL.

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