NatWest ‘freezes Russian channel’s UK bank accounts’


NatWest bank has frozen the accounts of Russia’s state-run broadcaster RT. RT informs that the bank has given no explanation for its decision.

It further added that the entire Royal Bank of Scotland Group, of which NatWest is a part, was refusing to service RT, which is run by Kremlin.

The bank said its decision is final and it is not ready to enter into any discussion further. A letter posted online by the channel shows that the freeze is not yet in effect. It notifies that banking facilities will be closed on 12th December.

RT has previously been accused by UK broadcasting regulator Ofcom for biased reporting, claiming that the BBC staged a chemical weapons attack for a news report on Syria.

The BBC won a case against the TV channel after complaining to Ofcom, saying the allegations made in a program called The Truthseeker were false and struck.

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