In last debate, Trump oppose to accept polls election result


LAS VEGAS: On Wednesday, Donald Trump, Republican candidate said he would like to accept the result of the November 8 US presidential election and leave ahead the possibility to challenge the final ending.

Trump is waiting to decide whether the result was rightful for the third presidential debate with Hillary Clinton.

Trump said, “I will open the secret on a time”

Clinton answer to Trump, “how can one talk like this about democracy and one who is the nominee for one of our two major parties.”

The recent debate mainly on the policy and previous was accusations by the women against unwanted sexual advances by Trump.

Trump said all the accession was false and blame to Clinton and took her charged against it called her campaign “sleazy.”

Trump said, “She may want fame or campaign”

Clinton said, women never complaints about Trump in the last debate for unwanted advances on women. In a last 2005 video, Trump was recorded arrogant about examining women against their will

She said, “The quality of dividing is very dangerous and it encourages violence and people where pushing and pulling and punching at his rallies that is not an America.”

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