Helpchat Roll out Pollution Aware That Identify an AQI

Helpchat Roll out Pollution Aware

Helpchat Roll out Pollution Aware

An air quality index (AQI) is an approximate number used by government organization to interact with the public how polluted the air is or how polluted it will be in coming period. As the level of AQI increases, an increasingly large percentage of the population is likely to face increasingly health issues.

Helpchat is an Indian personal assistant app that helps people gets more things done and increases the convenience.

Helpchat has introduced a new feature that desire to help Indian citizens in avoiding pollution related diseases by tracking air quality in their locality. This feature monitors the air in the surrounding environment and delivers a personalized air quality update through a mobile app.

The app tells users if the air they are breathing is toxic and suggests various ways to take precautions. The app will show the Air Quality Index (AQI) reading from 0 to 500+ (0 being the cleanest and 500 being the worst air quality) and suggest a precautionary measure depending on the air quality. Should the app sense air quality getting below a certain point, it will send an alert to your smartphone.

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