European Union and Cuba signed a new accord for better ties

A senior diplomatic official notified that, the European Union and Cuba is uncertainly programmed to sign accord on 12 December. The accord will support to strengthen ties between two counties.

In Cuba, Herman Portocarero—head of the 28-member bloc’s delegation—declared on Wednesday the tentative date of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement to be December 12. This announcement was done at a press conference during the 35th Havana International Fair. He also mentioned that this agreement would replace the oration for dialogue and provide a legal basis for the entire alliance between the European Union and Cuba

The alliance between the European Union and Cuba has been overseen by the “Common Position”, since 1996 to present, espouse at the domination of then-Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar.

This accord will enhance the ties between the bloc and Havana build respect for democratization and human rights on island which is ruled by Communist and favorable relation between European Union officials and Cuban protester.

Portocarero mentioned the accord to be signed on 12 December in Brussels that encompass numerous subjects. These subjects will be enclosed through discussion such as human rights, politics and encourage society-to-society dialogue.

In March, the European Union and Cuba wind up consultation over the new agreement and the conclusion of nearly two year efforts equate with return of bilateral relations between the United States and the Caribbean island.

The European Commission officially projected in September, state and member support the new political dialogue and cooperation accord and mentioned that once the accord signed it will became tool to define the European Union alliance with Cuba that will overrule the 1996 Common Position.

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