After successful womb transplantation in Sweden, UK also joins in the list

“Doctors are regarded as gods on earth”. This old statement again proved to be true, when a team of tremendous Swedish doctors successfully transplanted uterus in nine Swedish women. These women were either born with womb or got it removed because of one or the other reason.womb-transplant-sweden-uk

After the great success in Sweden, this miraculous trial is going to take place in the United Kingdoms by another group of doctors` prodigy. As soon as the doctors will gain the legal permission from the Health Research Authorities, the trial will be carried out on ten British women. Ten women from London will go through the operation and ten wombs will be implanted. The trial will be launched in the beginning of 2016 and if successful, the world will welcome the first baby born out of a transplanted womb in 2018.

In Sweden, the women who went through the transplant, received the wombs from live donors, mostly their family members. Whereas contrary to this, the UK’s procedure will take the reproductive organs from brain dead donors who have healthy bodies.

This entire highly sensitive procedure takes more than six hours. After the surgery is performed, the patient is kept under strict surveillance for a year. In case the women are declared clinically fit for fertilization, the women will be impregnated using IVF technique because the new womb will not be connected to the Fallopian tubes. After successful eight months of pregnancy the baby will be delivered through C-section.

The transplanted wombs will be capable of conceiving only twice and will be immediately removed from the body as soon, as their task will get accomplished. This will save the patient from taking the immunosuppressant drugs, which are required to control the human immune system from rejecting the transplanted uterus.

If turned out to be a success, this miraculous procedure of uterus transplantation will be a boon to a great number of women, who were either born without womb or were forced to get it removed for some reason.


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