5 Confidential Deals You Can Grab On Amazon


In the age of 21st century, we majorly rely on shopping through the electronic media, known as Ecommerce. Some of the shopaholics even prefer to setup an email notification from various Ecommerce websites to grab the cheap deals ASAP.

If you’re one of them, and are waiting patiently to snatch some online offers, below are some of the tips which are unknown to the online buyers, who shop from one of the largest retailers, Amazon.


Amazon has some secrets to save some money on your purchases.

The warehouse of Amazon

Many people, including me, are always busy browsing the websites which sell used electronics gadgets, furniture, and books. The Amazon warehouse is similar to the same kind of stuff. It is the facility provided by the company which includes returned or rarely utilized products. The products are categorized as Refurbished, like new, Very Good and acceptable, with a description of defects for which the products have been returned.

Mail in rebates

For those who are unaware of the concept rebate, it is just like a discounted mail published to you where after the checkout the said amount of rebate will be automatically deducted. This facility is enabled for the amazon customers with an individual tracking system to cross check if the rebate has been applied or not.

Price Cut Check

Being the regular visitor of Amazon website, many users don’t identify the price drop on the products due to supply-to-demand factor. Thus to identify this, there is an online facility provided by Amazon named as CamelCamelCamel to check the price drop and notify you about the drop, with just small login steps.

Amazon Coupons

Well coupons are more familiar among the consumers. Visit Amazon coupon sites, collect the coupons, and simply redeem when you shop. Isn’t that simple…However, it analyses your common products and delivers the maximum benefits it can.

Claiming the low price on TV

The catch is “Buy a brand new TV from Amazon―which is offered to you at low price already―within coming 30 days; if you find the same TV at cheaper price from Amazon competitors such as K-Mart and Sam’s Club. The difference will be straight away returned to you by Amazon.”

So save this info for the next shopping and save a lot for your pockets from Amazon. Enjoy shopping…!

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