Samsung: Sleep Tracker That Monitor Your Home during Sleep


The device is Ping-Pong paddle-shaped and it goes beneath the mattress to observe the users in the night, using piezo sensors to sense vibrations. Samsung claims that by this method the device can measure a user’s pulse rate, respiration and movement with 97% accuracy.


The Sleep Sense connects through low-energy Bluetooth to the user’s smart phone and delivers daily sleep reports every  morning, which has a ‘sleep score’ out of eighty that Samsung says permits the users to quickly quantify how smart their sleep was and compare completely different days, weeks and months.

In addition, it’s supposed to actively improve the users sleep. The Sleep Sense can hook up with Samsung devices around the users’ homes, as well as the latest disclosed Smart Things good hub. By this, the sensor will dim lights, close the TV and may change settings of the AC it notices that somebody goes to sleep, and it may create similar preparations in the morning like turning on the radio and obtaining a cup of coffee via internet-connected brewers.

Samsung says it plans to expand this practicality in the future, though at the present there’s no reactive part to the Sleep Sense.

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