Products Google killed in 2016

With the launch of Daydream virtual reality platform and Google Pixel smartphone, Google showed its new products in the market along with its capacity. On the other hand, some cleaning was done as well. Google shut down some of its products. These included those products that were started only a year ago and those as well that the company overtook to increase its value in the market. Here is the catalog of the products that were shut down by the firm in 2016.

Google Nexus Line

Introduction of Google Pixel in the market has locked the doors for the Nexus range of products. The company mentioned that it had no plans in developing or bringing further the Nexus products in future. The firm started to introduce the Nexus products from 2010. Since then, it had launched 2 media players, 4 tablets and 8 smartphones.

Google Picasa

Google Picasa was the service that was used to view photos and images. Early this February, the company announced that it will no longer develop the desktop version of Picasa nor it will support it. The company believes that they will concentrate only on one photo service of Google Photos.

Project Ara

Project Ara was an upcoming project by Google with the dream of building first modular smartphone with interchangeable components. This too was killed by Google in 2016.

Concluding our list, we hope to see new product launches next year with a feeling of some more products to shut down as well. Praying for my favorite product not to be in the list of shut downs.

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