Airport soon will be equipped with lie detecting system in future

Millions of people travel through airways around the world. Many of them travel for trips, businesses, on personal occasions, and the travelling crowd includes some smugglers, criminals, and terrorist as well.

As an effort to increase the security checks and to avoid the illegal breaches through the airport, a newly developed concept is introduced that is backed with artificial and virtual intelligence technology.

The project was accomplished by Aaron Elkins—Professor of San Diego State University management information systems.

Elkins developed the kiosk named as AVATAR (Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessments in Real-Time). He started building this machine when he was pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Arizona. The kiosk works as airport check-in or self-checkout grocery stores. Eager to know how it actually works? Let’s have a glance…

As soon as the passenger steps in front of the kiosk, it enquires the person with some basic questions about the travelling destinations and luggage the person is carrying. AVATAR is built with integrated eye-detection software, motion sensors, and pressure sensors that detect and analyze the physiological and behavioural changes such as voice, gestures, and eyes movements. The mechanism of the AVATAR kiosk is so precisely crafted that it can even identify your toe movement.

“The kiosk has been tested in labs, border patrolling stations, airports and it seems that the system is fully set to launch practically,” said Elkins.

Elkins have been in touch with government authorities to apply for this advanced virtually assisted technology into a live application.

So, next time if you see some machine with face interacting with a person along with the questionnaire, he is probably a culprit held due to doubt in its activity. Criminals out there, beware of AVATAR…

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