Facebook Make it’s ‘Like’ Button More Innovative

Facebook Make it’s 'Like' ButtonThe Old Facebook button is no more boring like previously button. Now Facebook is introducing the Like Button with more innovative way. Facebook is providing the six emoticons with the button “Like” for its user.

The users now can express their expressions with the Like button such as love, happiness, sadness, laughter, shock, and the anger.  You just have to long press the Like button and select the emotions that you need to put in the message.

Thus, the status will be compute as likes, loves, and angers. The Facebook is taking efforts to test this experiment in Spain and Ireland soon it is going to disclose it globally. The CEO Mark Zuckerberg has post the video of revealing the latest function in a Facebook.

The Like button is made more expressive with the emotions like “Like, “Haha,” “Sad,” “Yay,” “Angry,” “Wow,” and “Love”.  As for the longer time, Facebook had simply like option to express you, yet the billions of likes were hit every day.

In past time, people were demanding for the dislike button. As per phrase, the time is not still and the every single moment is not same thus, the user want the way to explicit the empathy. The Facebook say the some moments need the power to share and May the like button is not an appropriate button to express the feelings.

As of dislike button is not yet completed, Facebook is going to provide the new option “Reactions” which will provide you the freedom of expression. But that doesn’t mean it gives you a power to easily express “empathy and sorrow” and more than this” warmth and delight”.

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