Indian map outlined by Nissan GT-R on the lakebed

The atmosphere of India has been flourished by the tricolor on the occasion of 68th Republic day of the country. There have been various activities carried all over the country.

Owing to this celebration and to honor the nation, Nissan drew an outline of world’s largest India map by using its trending sports car Nissan GT-R. The thrilling tribute was carried out at Sambhar Lake’s dry lakebed located in Rajasthan. This land was chosen due to its dry lakebed, soft soil, and elegant view of the location. The soft soil enabled the tires of the car to leave a deep impression on the surface, so that it can be captured by a drone flying high in the sky.

This stunning tribute also represents Nissan GT-R power, grip, and its high-level precision, and accuracy qualities on an off-road terrain.

The car was driven by Rahul Kanthraj—a professional rally driver. In order to maintain the accuracy of map structure and its outline some co-ordinates were plotted on a GPS device and array of certain laps were carried out to draw the map precisely. The overall actions of the Nissan GT-R were shot on flying drones and inbuilt cameras installed in the car.

The total area of map measured about 14.7 km, dimensionally 2.8 km in width and 3 km in length.

In addition, a team from Limca Book of Records was also present on the site to witness the overall process.

This Unique record will be published in the book in its 2018 edition, which is projected to be published in June 2018. Good work team Nissan…

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