Hansel: A mobile app management platform locks $1.35 million in funding

Hansel Software Pvt. Ltd. has developed “Hansel.io”– a real-time mobile app management platform. The company has raised about $1.35 Million in a funding meeting held by the IDG Ventures. The company is expected to use this fund to enhance the capability to run on different platforms, hiring, and also to expand the app management platform in North America. The initial fund provider Endiya Partners also participated in the meeting.

The Hansel Software Pvt. Ltd., founded in late 2015, is one of the largest Indian mobile apps management companies among its customers. The Hansel.io is available on the Android and iOS mobile phones which allows fixing of viruses, updating of configurations, security policies managements, and editing user interfaces of the real-time mobile apps. The Hansel.io apps have helped around 10–20 Millions of phones already.

According to the Co-founder, Varun Ramamurthy, the major focus of the company will be on the cross-platform capability development globally and make the mobile developers responsible for the user interfaces. Hansels’ Chief technology officer Parminder Singh says, “The company’s product can configure and install the apps in less than 15 Minutes making its use abundant throughout the globe.”

Lastly, according to Venkatesh Peddi, an executive director at IDG Ventures, the Hansel product can help mobile developers solve the issues with ease and it is an advantage for the customers during the high retention cost and customer acquisitions.

Thus, the company competes with the key players such as New Relic, Crashlytics, Crittercism, and Rollout in order to stay active in the market. The company is using this funding to flourish itself in the global market.

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