Japanese-to-English translation by Google Translate

How often you use Google translate? Much often, I guess. Here’s news for you about the latest update by Google in its Translate app. This new update would add-on a feature of Japanese-to-English translation through Word Lens technology. Eager to know how? Let’s you some information.


The users has to do is just focus their smartphone camera on the Japanese text and at the next moment, the app will provide you with the English translate of the same. The user can also take a pic and get the English translation for the required words. This feature functions with the Internet access.

The Software Engineer at Google Translate, Masakazu Seno, said, “With the availability of Word Lens in Japanese, you now need not worry even if you take a wrong route on a busy Shibuya street or order something that you normally wouldn’t have eaten.”


Google Translate app is offered for iOS and Android. Google took over the Word Lens development team Quest Visual back in 2014. With the aid of smartphone camera, the Word Lens translates the printed text immediately from one language to another. At present, the Google Translate app is designed to translate among 103 languages by lettering.

The offline translation can be done between 52 languages, while immediate camera translation is available in 30 languages. Besides the immediate camera translation for Japanese to/from English, the iOS 5.5.1 update also repaired the background audio issue and added some useful developments.

When are you updating your Google translate app? Go through the modification and let us know about its usability. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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