Can Renewable Energy Help Create More Job Opportunities?

The renewable energy industries are growing at a faster pace in the global market. The rise in the emerging companies as well as the advancement in the well-established renewable energy companies has increased the job opportunities in various regions.

Renewable Energy
According to the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps program, a 20%, that is, 4–4.5 Million escalations in the job opportunities since 2011 is observed. The rise is significantly due to the low installation cost, low manufacturing, and technological advancement, which in turn fuels the global renewable market economy.

However, the US President Donald Trump says that renewable energy is a bad investment due to contradictory climate changes. Trump thinks that the renewable industries are not a boon for the US in terms of economy.
As per the analysis, employment in the solar and wind plants is growing 12 times faster than the rest of the economy, as already 46% extra employees have been hired for overcoming the sustainability issues.

In contrast to this, Trump believes fossil fuel production is a very promising field for increasing employment. The employment showed 6% rise in the renewable industry than 4.5% in the fossil fuel industry. Thus, the right place to invest the dollars is the renewable industry. Trump’s approach of slowing down renewable to boost the fossil fuel production is not approvable as 9% rise in the growth of the renewable is expected in the next 12 months compared to other energy sectors. The transition into the renewable trend with the help of the federal government will give tremendous growth opportunities.

Well, looking for jobs, now you might want to listen to the wind.

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