Devices to make your smart home complete

The concept of smartphones has led to the inventions of many new ideas. One such idea is of smart homes. Smart homes are nothing but homes that are well equipped with technological advancements. Are you thinking of converting your home into a smart home? Well, you are on the right track. In order to help you, here are some devices that can make your home into smart a one.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a personal AI that has been developed by Amazon. The AI is named as Alexa. It is capable of doing stuff such as booking tickets, ordering things, making online payments, playing music, knowing weather and traffic, and much more. Amazon Echo is a perfect start for you in making your home a smart one. The price tag on the Alexa-voice device is Rs 16,999.

Google Chromecast

Launched back in 2015, the Google Chromecast is the device that is still in the game. It is nothing but a streaming device that allows you to stream online. You just have to connect the device to your TV. Being a size of a pen drive, the Google Chromecast is easily portable. The device is priced at Rs 3,399.

Philips Hue

The LED bulbs named Philips Hue by Philips is the new definition of the lighting system that contributes in converting your home into a smart one. Each bulb has different shades which create a pleasant ambiance in your smart home. The Philips Hue has a price tag of Rs 14,000 associated with it.

So friends, start converting your home into a smart one.

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