Things you need to know about the smart locks

We are living in a world where everything right from the refrigerator to the car is connected via Internet. Hence, our sophisticated living has led to the development of smartphones, smart lights, and many others. But the next object that’s going to get the smart systems integrated in it is the locks. The smart locks are going to be in the limelight for now.

Have you ever counted the amount of door keys you have lost? or How many times you got to get up to answer the doorbell? So the companies have come up with a solution that is the intelligent deadbolts that have already hit the markets. Smart locks can help you unlock the door by just a touch on your cell phone or tablet.

Things to be considered before purchasing a smart lock:

  • The smart locks must be compatible to your door.
  • Whether you want the smart lock to be added on to your existing deadlock or buy a new one altogether.
  • Would like the smart lock to be connected via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-wave. The Bluetooth is preferred because it helps unlocking the lock only when near it and doesn’t require a hub as well, and in case of the Wi-Fi you can access it even when far away in the presence of Wi-Fi connection.
  • How could you want your door to unlock—using a touch or by pin code?

The top smart locks available in the market today are:

  • August Smart Lock
  • Kwikset Kevo
  • Schlage Sense
  • Yale Real Living
  • Lockitron Bolt

As you have been enlightened on the smart lock details, get hold of your locksmith now and get the smart lock installed to live a secure life.


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