Keep the viruses away with these cyber security tools

Recently, the number of online transaction has doubled as a result of demonetization. But the first thing that comes to our minds is “security.” So, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, as a component of its Cyber Swachhta Kendra, has recently rolled out five such cyber security tools to avoid the threats faced by the users on the web.

Let’s see which these tools are and what they provide us with.

Bot Removal Tool

This tool has been designed to identify and eliminate the botnet infection from the computers. However, the tool doesn’t offer any security against other malware or avert data theft, thus making it mandatory to have anti-virus software.

USB Pratirodh

USB Pratirodh is software that manages the unauthorized use of portable USB mass storage devices. This software enables the user to remove or add devices to the database and also secure the USB devices to be retrieved using a password and username.


This tool has been designed so that the users can white-list the executable files, that is, the user can select files to be added as trusted executable file and only those files will be permitted to run on the computer.


It is a security application for a mobile device that runs on Android. It tackles threats associated with abuse of resources including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data, and camera by inhibiting unauthorized connection to these resources.

Browser JSGuard

This is a browser extension that identifies and protects JavaScript and HTML from malicious attacks made via the web browser derived from Heuristics.

This would be of a real help. Don’t you think so? Be aware of thefts and stay safe.

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