A cool tech roll coaster ride you won’t want to miss!

Virtual reality has taken the globe by surprise. Can you imagine about experiencing virtual reality when you are on a roller coaster ride? This is going to seem as if it was a dream; but NO! Samsung and the theme parks have made it a reality.

Speaking of roller coaster rides, imagine adding to the swoops and swerves a digital feature that is “virtual reality” experience. The theme parks such as Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles and Six flags Discovery Kingdom near San Francisco have entered into a partnership with Samsung in order to launch the cool digital technology named “The New Revolution Galactic Attack”. It is a new virtual reality roller coaster experience that the riders can enjoy after putting on a VR headset powered by Oculus for a real experience. The companies have decided to make the whole ride into an interactive virtual surrounding by adding an alien–drone-invasion battle. The whole physical ride is scored by the Six Flags according to their gaming skills. As per the high drop speed, the whole reality is converted into a virtual reality in which the riders get to experience the fighter spaceship cockpit and a whole new lightened environment. After the swirling, swinging, and dodging the alien drones & weaponry fires in the tight channels, the riders are sent through any one of the three drone bays where they get to experience a different ending.

Earlier “Superman virtual reality” and “New Revolution virtual reality” had been launched in almost about 12 theme parks, but now the new version “The New Revolution Galactic Attack” is going to give the people goose bumps all over.


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