OnePlus 5 to have dual edge screen

The Korean company OnePlus that is well known for its OnePlus smartphones is busy working on its next flagship handset. Well, the company is rumored to launch the new OnePlus 5 smartphone. Wait!! What? Why would the company skip the number 4 and directly jump on to number 5? Well, before discussing about the OnePlus 5, let us shed some light on the above question.

Well, there may be a lot of reasons for naming the upcoming flagship smartphone as OnePlus 5. The number 4 is considered to be unlucky in China. That can be one of the reasons. Another logical reason is that the company has already launched 4 flagship smartphones (excluding the OnePlus X which was not a flagship phone) with OnePlus 3T being the latest one. Hence, the upcoming smartphone will be the fifth in the list and hence the name OnePlus 5.

Moving on, the rumors say that the upcoming OnePlus 5 will have a dual edge screen. This design is inspired form Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Speaking of other features, the upcoming OnePlus 5 is said to have 16 MP front camera specially designed for selfie lovers. It will also sport a 23 MP rear camera. The smartphone is said to come in two variants based on RAM. One variant will have 6 GB of RAM while the other will have 8 GB of RAM. The phone will also feature 256 GB internal memory. On top of this, the upcoming OnePlus 5 is also said to have one more feature. The phone is said to have a ceramic body similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi Mix. On the contrary, details about the chipset and the display are still known.

But in the end, as said earlier, these are all rumors. Time will only decide and reveal as to what is cooking behind the scenes.

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