A diamond painted car by Roll Royce revealed at 2017 Geneva Motor Show

We all have seen various kinds of lavishly decorated cars that are gold plated and studded with diamonds. But have you ever heard that powdered diamond paint applied on the vehicle? Obviously not, as the royalty in automobiles is majorly delivered by Rolls-Royce. The name itself drips royalty and copiousness.

We are on the edge of the major technological advancement, where every automaker is busy building and self-driving cars. But the fact cannot be ignored that driving a car is more than a passion, the activity is loved by the people and though we are standing on the cutting edge of the automated world, the craze for those royal cars coated with pure royal colors that signify prosperity won’t end soon.

Keeping its standard where it is, Rolls-Royce has revealed its diamond painted car at 2017 Geneva Auto Show. Rolls Royce’s ghost was a model used for developing such rich car. The paint that is applied on the car has a mixture of 1,000 crushed diamonds which were ethically sourced. The paint was developed in the factory itself. Looking at the outcome of these unique and bounty idea the named is termed as Diamond Stardust. It is claimed to be the most expensive paint ever used while developing a car in Rolls Royce’s production history.

The diamonds were tested for 2 months by the company to ensure that it won’t lose its shine after it gets in contact with the paint. The results were clear; paint applied on the surface of the featured ghost remained undetectable.

The whole diamond paint was applied only to the outer surface of the Rolls Royce Ghost. Focusing on the interior, it glitters royalty and luxury with tray table and display screens for rear seated passengers.
The company didn’t reveal its cost as it was custom made for an individual collector.

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