Ways Science Channelizes Us at Work to Be More Productive

Ways Science Channelizes Us at Work to Be More Productive

We all work at some places to balance our economic needs and to prove our existence in the society. We are pretty familiar with the logic of working in a pleasant ambiance makes you more creative and productive, well, it’s totally right, whoever said it. An ambiance is created by nature and nowadays it can be artificially done due to an availability of several relevant products. Sleeping in office is the most common scenario we witness (I am sure the MD’s don’t take a nap, as they can leave directly if they feel so).

We aren’t talking about the power naps or sleeps here, for now, let’s focus on some science facts that can motivate you and your health along with bonus cheques (Differs Person-to-person).

Ways Science Channelizes Us at Work to Be More Productive

Let natural light enter

Science makes its own methods to deliver its vibes. Letting in ample of sunlight into the office reduces the power consumption (we know that already right?).But As per a research done by Northwestern University researchers concludes that employees working under natural light help you to sleep in relax mode, improves health, energy, and overall productivity at work.

Maintain the room temperature
Maintaining room temperature and ambiance produce a comfortable thermal zone due to which a person can more efficiently concentrate on its task. Just overheating the room in winters and chilling the ambiance in summer isn’t a solution to stay refreshed, despite it would lead to health issue among employees.

Colorful surrounding
Why do we say beautiful, when we see scenery? The answer is, it has loads of vibrant colors that please our view and refreshes our mind. Same goes with the office interiors. It has been proved that people working in an artistically decorated office are more creative and productive than those working at an office with white and faint color schemes.

Do examine these facts and let us know the results though your experiences.

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