A time crystals that Suspends laws of thermodynamics

Researchers today apply physics in every aspect of their invention. No stones are left unturned in the field of invention. Recently, a group of researchers has created a time crystal that can suspend the law of physics.

According to the researchers, the exotic matter is a collection of atoms or ions that appear to be far apart but are constantly interacting with each other at a certain frequency without heating up or creating any entropy similar to the natural state of disorder in the universe which is always increasing. The time crystal works on the unique properties of the subatomic particles or the quantum effects of physics. It is similar to the other matters such as superfluids, quantum-spin liquids, and superconductors. A Harvard University physics graduate Soonwon Choi, Physicist Frank Wilczek, and Physicist Norman Yao of the University of California are the brainchild behind the new phase of matter which moves in time while still remaining stable. Time crystal is inversely based on the fundamental symmetry in time concept of ‘time invariance’ which means “doing something now would produce the same result as doing the same thing, for instance, 1 minute in the future.”  The time crystal created did not exist in thermal equilibrium as per the law of thermodynamics, however, when in the constant state of ticking and not yet reached equilibrium state the crystal can exist in a dynamic state.

To prove their concept, the team of researchers used a diamond crystal filled with 1 Million nitrogen atoms and the vacant spaces called color centers. The nitrogen along with the vacant spaces gives the diamond a dark color. The radiation or laser, when focused on the crystal, initiated the nitrogen particles to oscillate at a certain frequency half of the frequency of the beamed radiation within the color centers. The ytterbium particles are added to the crystal lattice using laser beams which in turn brings about a change in the oscillatory frequency of the nitrogen particle without heating up the system. In short, it puts the law of thermodynamics at a halt when the crystal is in the dynamic state.

Thus, suspending the law of thermodynamics in a crystal is something new in the world of physics. Indeed it’s a path-breaking experiment.

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