Some Of the Illusory Predictions of Future Transportation System with Driverless Cars

Some Of the Illusory Predictions of Future Transportation System with Driverless Cars

We all have been constantly following the updates and tracking the level of development accomplished by the players who are curiously behind automating the car’s mechanism. It feels great to say that level of achievement is somewhere between 80%-90%. Though Tesla vehicles can be seen autonomously running on the roads, but it still has a testing status on it. Let’s hit our time machine levers and assume that we are already into the phase, where every possible thing is automated and works independently without human interventions (Excluding the primary inputs).

The query is what will be the world after more 10 years?

Below are some major changes which we may shock us if compared to the present style of transportation.

1. Personal vehicles won’t be owned by individuals, as transportation will be totally done by the autonomous car fleet owners. The reason you will force yourself to adopt this traveling options is due to its economic, safety advantages, and technical benefits.

2. The global economy will be majorly controlled by the software and technology companies such as Google, Amazon, Uber owing to its pay-as-you-go services.

3. The design concept of cars will drastically and radically change. The driverless cars will be an integration of self-driving, software, and its service providers.

4. Being fully electric, vehicles will be used for multipurpose application, for eg to power a construction on power failure, or even to lighten up your own party.

5. In future, you won’t be asked for your driver’s license as it existence will be written in the history of Motor Transport Departments.

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