Biggest Smartphone Brands in India


The Indian market for the smartphones has been a boon for many tech giants. It is the most promising and the largest market in the world. Where the Indian market is proving to be a boon for foreign markets, the same market failed to support the Indian companies. Today we will give you the top brands that rule the Indian smartphone market. And you will be surprised to known that Apple is not included in this list. Here we go.







Acquiring more than a quarter share of the market, Samsung leads the race of smartphones. The company acquires more than 25.1% share of the Indian market due to its various range of smartphones unlike Apple. But on the other side, the company lost its number one spot on the global level to Apple which it was holding for last 5 years. This is mainly owing to two factors. First, the introduction of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And the other, the battery explodation issue of Samsung Note 7!!!








Interestingly, Apple did not have a chance to even stay in the list due to its hefty costs iPhones. But shockingly, Xiaomi made to the second spot with almost 10.7% share of the Indian market.







The company that is famous for affordable yet packed heavily with features smartphones. Currently it holds 9.9% of shares of the Indian smartphone market.

Well, other honorable players that we would like to mention are Oppo (8.8%) and Vivo (7.6%). These spots are on the verge of changing due to introduction of new smartphones and new players in the market.

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