Reliance Jio and Google To Bring Affordable 4G Smartphones in India

You must be wondering how “4G smartphone” and “affordable” can come together. Right? But this may become a trend in coming days as the two well-known players in the smartphone industry—Reliance Jio and Google—both are secretly working on affordable smartphones together and no doubt that this phone will entirely work with Jio’s 4G network.

With its low-priced voice and data services, Reliance Jio is running high on the road of success and has already reached the milestone of about 100 Million subscribers. However, it looks like the company is not satisfied with its huge success and is in plans to achieve more by entering into the smartphone segment. Jio is allegedly working with Google so as to launch a 4G smartphone with an aim to boost its user base.

According to The Hindu Business Line report, Reliance Jio and Google are furtively working together on a 4G smartphone that will be affordable and work entirely with Jio’s 4G network. The report further mentions that the smartphone will probably be launched in this year. This joint venture will further make the Jio apps to be strongly incorporated in the Android platform, improving the smartphone on the whole. CEO of Greyhound Research, Sanchit Gogia, further revealed that this affordable smartphone will surely increase the Jio data adoption, which in turn will deliver superior quality music and movies on its network. Moreover, it will provide good service quality to its users on Jio network.

Another noticeable thing is that Reliance Jio has been in talks to introduce a phone with 4G feature costing under Rs 1,500. And if we take into consideration this report then this business decision of the two companies will surely give helping hand to Jio augmenting its “selling affordable 4G devices” plan. Not only Jio, but Google will also be benefitted by this partnership. The search engine giant, with the help of this business decision, will once again be able to make “Android One project” live in India and will be able to attract huge amount of new users.

As discussed, let’s hope that this business decision will be a big milestone for both the companies and will take the success of theirs to new heights.

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