Lava A50 and A55 Smartphones Launched

Lava A50 and A55 Smartphones

Lava, the Indian smartphone manufacturer, recently launched its two new flagship phones. The company launched Lava A50 and A55 post CES 2017. Both the phones are low-range smartphones. Let us have a glance at the specs of these smartphones.

Lava A50 and A55 Smartphones

The Lava A50’s and A55’s screen has a pixel ratio of 480 x 800 and sports a 4-inch screen with full HD display. The devices are fueled by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor along with 8GB of internal memory. The Lava A50 comes with 512MB of RAM while the Lava A55 has 1GB of RAM. Internal memory for both the phones can be expanded further via MicroSD card.

Camera-wise, the Lava A55 and Lava A50 have 5MP rear camera with flash. Both the phones have VGA front camera. The company has not disclosed any data on the battery of smartphones.

Coming to the price, the Lava A55 is priced at Rs 4,399, and the Lava A50 is priced for Rs 3,999.

In terms of connectivity, the phone offers dual-SIM function, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, FM and GPS.

Well, these are “pretty ordinary” smartphones for the urban users. As the company is originated from India, the main motive of the launch of these phones is nothing but digitalization. Indian smartphone companies have been developing affordable smartphones so that it can be purchased by the rural population.

Rural users do not spend much on the smartphones. But the regulations by the government of India and the effect of demonetization have let the people all over India to use smartphones.

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