Top trending electric motorcycle of 2017

Electric is the new word that will be uttered by every individual who promises to adopt the fossil free fueling and reduce the release of hazardous gasses. More than that electric mode of transport has overcome every kind of barriers it had when it was innovated. Now the performance of these vehicles has been appreciably improved based on the efficiency and power along with the smart weight management.

In cars we have loads of option available but when it comes to two wheels that are powered by electric charge the option are limited. But whatever we have in the market right now, are just fabulous. Below are some hottest and powerful electrically powered motorcycles of 2017.

Lightning LS-218

It is claimed as the fastest electric motorcycle that is in production phases.  The power generated by the vehicle is about 200 bhp and 168/ft of torque. Being the fastest beast the weight is 495lb which is quite lighter than the conventional bikes of BMW. The highest marked by the bike is 0-60mph in just 2 seconds. Producing this amount of energy can beat anyone on the asphalt without releasing any toxic gasses.

Victory Empulse TT

The Empulse TT beats the market with its charge time, which charges up the battery in less than four hours. The riding ranges go up to 140 miles which make it another better option to ride with.  It powers the vehicle with 40 kW.  Polaris is the parent owner of the Victory and it is renowned for its snowmobiles, off-road vehicles and other products.

Brutus V9

Not everybody prefers sports bikes, there is a huge fan following of the royal cruiser and the Brutus fulfills the demand but with and electric motor.  The V9 has some solid machines under which ranges up to 280 miles in the city limits and 165 miles on the highway. The vehicle has a 93Kw motor that can vroom it up to 155mph.

So if you wish to buy one electrified machine do consider these three above.

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