Business news section to be added on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular job-hunting services. It is a site that people normally visit to look up for any new job offers around them. LinkedIn has set eagles on getting its features updated in order to attract a large group of the user base. The addition of the new business section on the site is expected to attract a lot of users who will read and keep themselves updated on the current issues or topics going on in the society.

Microsoft Corp. had bought LinkedIn for about $26 Billion last year in order to enter the world of job-hunting service as well. The company plans to add some additional features to the website and the app, which is an extra bonanza for LinkedIn. The site will have all the latest trends and news posted on the business section called “Trending Storylines.” This section will also have links leading to outside news section posted along with the news written by the LinkedIn users. This new section will help boost the use of the site among the masses.

The company will have editors and reporters who will keep a tight track on the news being posted whether valid or fake.

According to Daniel Roth LinkedIn’s editor in chief, the company plans to let its users start their day by reading the latest news going on in the society. The site has started the business section by posting one of the trending news, that is, “Ban on electronic devices by the U.S. and the U.K. authorities.”

LinkedIn plans to keep its news section limited to business, jobs, and professional news. The major social media services such as Twitter Inc., Snap Inc., and Facebook Inc. also had a news storyline feature added to their sites which have their spotlight set on the major news stories. But unlike these, LinkedIn plans to provide data to the masses which can be useful to them in their corporate life or meeting.

Currently, as per the company analysts, LinkedIn has about 106 Million users who activate their account on a monthly basis and about 467 Million already present users. The company plans to increase this number by adding additional features such as the “Trending Storylines.”

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