Electric Biofueled Car: The Future Flexfuel Car

Electric Biofueled Car: The Future Flexfuel Car

Can we imagine a future without gas, fuel or oil? No! Because our life runs on these non-renewable sources and it will be brought to a complete halt if the resources diminish. The transportation will be completely hampered if the oil is ever to be depleted. Therefore, the government will have no choice but to legal action or drastic steps to get out of the extinction.

Electric Biofueled Car: The Future Flexfuel Car

Here’s where the electric cars can come into play. They can be the future for the transportation mode. Have you ever imagined about this or why are gases expensive? No, I guess. So this is the time to think. The natural fuels are not renewable whereas the biofuels such as ethanol gas hybrid, methanol, algae-Cyanobacteria, ethanol gas and electrically charged batteries are renewable. Brazil is one country that has made the use of renewable sources since 2003 which has helped boom its economy.

But won’t these biofuels require a flexfuel car? The answer is NO as the automobile industry already has a solution—it has created cars which can act as flexfuel cars since 1996. And one more question that hits are brains is: Won’t the ethanol gases be expensive? They still have the answer as NO cause the ethanol is a byproduct obtained after the fermentation of corn along with distillers’ grain.

Thus to put are questions, the company Tesla Motors has developed electric vehicles, or Evs. These Evs have high manufacturing cost, complicated components, battery recharging problems and people don’t even have the experience to drive these cars. The companies have come out with ideas that will produce cars with lighter in weight, carbon fiber, ultra efficient graphene-based batteries and thus making it cost-effective and easy to drive. The countries such as China, Japan and California have started the electric vehicle use and biofuel station build up.

Looking at these countries, it looks like 2020 is going to be the year where the electric car is going hit the global market in regards to trend and conservation.

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