Ways to Grow Your FB Live Audience

Ways to Grow Your FB Live Audience

The new feature of being LIVE on Facebook is trending. But do you get enough audience? No? Well, we are here to help you. Here are some tips that you can follow.

Ways to Grow Your FB Live Audience

Add FB buttons to your website or blog.

Well, this is a common sense. Most of the site owners fail to do so. You just have to add a FB button!!! That’s it!!! Primarily, people need to find your page in order to view you live. This can be the basic step to do so.

Create a series

This is a common mistake made by everyone. People just tend to go live and do a one-time thing. They do not realize that to attract the audience, one must not do a one-time episode. Instead, they should do a series that links to each other.


Interacting with the audience when you are live is also a major factor that can boost the number of audience. Reply on each and every comment when you are live. Do not forget even a single comment.

Promote in advance

Do not just go live suddenly. Nobody will know a damn about you being live on Facebook. Promote it first. Let the people know that you will be live.

Countdown to the event

Once you have done the promotion, your job is not done. You need to give timely reminders to the audience so that they do not forget.

Well friends, follow these tips and be ready to go LIVE on Facebook.

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