Norton Core Wi-Fi router to be soon rolled out in India

Symantec, a corporation renowned for its Norton Antivirus software, has rolled out its Norton Core Wi-Fi router to offer security for dwellings with smart appliances. The recently developed Wi-Fi router is made accessible for pre-order at $200, that is, approximately Rs. 13,600 instead of the standard cost of $280, that is, approximately Rs. 19,000. The shipping of this device will be commenced this summer in the United States. The device will be presented in Granite Grey and Titanium Gold color choices.

The Norton Core Wi-Fi router is an app-enabled device particularly designed for connected homes that have tools such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and so on. It also offers security to shield against viruses and malware functioning their way into Internet of Things tools.

As per the company, the Norton Core is supported by a group of security professionals who are continuously examining and removing cyber security attacks across the world. The router receives regular informs on cybercrime data and security methods to keep the connected devices safe. Whenever an infected tool is linked to the network, the router isolates it from the remaining devices in order to avoid it from dispersing the malware to other devices.

The user can monitor and also get a record of online threats that have been blocked by the router through the mobile app. It also presents to you the present safety stage of your residence network with a credit score-like digit, i.e., from 0–500 representing completely vulnerable to completely safe. The app can also be utilized to stop the internet of any linked tool or put a bed time for which the connection will be turned off.

The Norton Core is a compacted dome-shaped tool of 6×6×5 inches. And it is powered by a potent hardware that includes a dual-core 1.7GHz processor, system memory of 1GB of the system, and flash memory of 4GB. The recent 4×4 AC2600 Wi-Fi standard is supported by the router, with a high speed of 1.73Mbps on the 5GHz band and on the 2.4GHz band up to 800Mbps.

So, isn’t it a great device to keep all the connected devices safe?

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